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    These Award-Winning Photos From Around The World Were Taken On An iPhone

    The 2015 iPhone Photography Award winners prove that great photography is in the eye, not the camera.

    Overall Winners

    First Place: Michal Koralewski, from Koziegłowy, Poland

    Second Place: David Craik, from Surrey, United Kingdom

    Third Place: Yvonne Lu, from New York, United States

    Competition rules state: "All images must be taken with an iPhone, iPod or an iPad. The photos should not be altered in any desktop image processing program such as Photoshop. It is OK to use any IOS apps. The use of any iPhone/iPad App is permissible. iPhone add-on lenses can be used."

    Abstract Category

    First Place: Ben Schuyler, from Seattle, United States

    Second Place: John Huet, from Manchester, United States

    Animals Category

    First Place: Sephi Bergerson, from Goa, India

    Architecture category

    First Place: Christian Frank, from Stuttgart, Germany

    Second Place: Joshua Sarinana, from Cambridge, United States

    Children category

    Third Place: Lu Gen, from Chongqing City, China

    Flowers category

    First Place: Amy Paterson, from Cape Town, South Africa

    Food Category

    Third Place: Yeankai Lau, from Johor, Malaysia

    Landscape Category

    First Place Chris Belcina, from Cooper City, United States

    Second Place: Faisal Alateeqi, from Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Lifestyle Category

    Second Place: Mandy Blake, from Kitchener, Canada

    Nature Category

    First Place: Yvonne Naughton, from La Conner, United States

    News/Events Category

    First Place: Jessie Alkire, from Chicago, United States

    Others Category

    First Place: Jose Luis Saez Martinez, from Valencia, Spain

    Panorama Category

    First Place: Andre Malerba, from Woodstock, United States

    People Category

    Third Place: Brendan O Se, from Cork, Ireland

    Second Place: Jose Luis Barcia, from Madrid, Spain

    Portrait Category

    First Place: Daniele Colombera, from Los Angeles, United States

    Second Place: Alexander Vu, from Walnut, United States

    Third Place: Dina Alfasi, from Hadera, Israel

    Seasons Category

    Second Place: Joshua Sarinana, from Cambridge, United States

    Third Place: Nicky Ryan, from Sydney, Australia

    Still Life Category

    First Place: Cindy Buske, from Lynnwood, United States

    Sunset Category

    Second Place: Chris Hillary, from Melbourne, Australia

    Travel Category

    First Place: Ahmed Saeed, from Cairo, Egypt

    Trees category

    First Place: Ruairidh McGlynn, from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Second Place: Jana Bochet, from Zürich, Switzerland