14 Remarkable Pictures Of British Tattoo Enthusiasts, Seen With And Without Their Clothes

Photographer Alan Powdrill reveals the beautiful artwork hidden under the clothes of tattoo fans across the UK. NSFW, contains “slidey thing” and nudity.

Permission for the use of these photos was granted in March 2015 and has since been withdrawn by Alan Powdrill.

I pretty much love every inch of my skin for different reasons, but I love my back because I’ve been waiting for 17 years to get it done, and it’s come out exactly as I wanted it.

Via Stefano

I was 16 and got a small lizard on my hip. My parents asked, how would I ever get a job?

Via James

I’m loving how [the tattoos] change as my body gets older and the creases and wrinkles change how they look.

Via Ness

What age do I think I’ll stop getting inked ? Never.

Via Dan

I love my tattoos – if you don’t like them, don’t look at them. Who cares how I’ll feel when I’m old?

Via Darren

My first tattoo was at 13 and was a secret for 10 years. It’s a part of me and I am not going to get old.

Via Patrick

I don’t feel my opinion will change on my tattoos. I doubt I’ll have any regrets regardless of my age.

Via Lilianna

I’m beyond the stopping point now. It fucking hurts like shit, man, but I wouldn’t change my look for the world.

Via Uno

I love being different, and every day I’m asked about them at least once, always getting a positive reaction. Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos are not good.”

Via Izzy

I love my tattoos – it’s a way of life for me and I’ll carry on getting them for as long as I can.

Via Kenny

My Kiss tattoos are my favourites – the pain was incredible but it feels good to show my ultimate dedication to the band.

Via Kimmy

Alan Powdrill is still looking for models to take part in this tattoo photo project, Covered. You can reach him on Twitter.

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