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These 13 Photos Reveal The Beauty Of Breastfeeding

Photographer Ivette Ivens wants to make public breastfeeding "a totally normal thing".

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Breastfeeding has become a highly charged topic as debates rage over breastfeeding in public and whether social media like Instagram and Facebook should allow images of women breastfeeding to appear in news feeds. In recent weeks mothers have been fighting back with #Brelfie, the breastfeeding selfie movement.

Lithuanian-born photographer and breastfeeding advocate Ivette Ivens recently held an exhibition in Chicago titled “I breastfeed my toddler.”

“I am 25 and a mother of two. I breastfed my older son until he was 3. I nursed them both anywhere I wanted. From church to parties, from farmers market to high-end designer stores. I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to." – Ivette Ivens


"Children know when it’s time to wean off. Mothers do too. Strangers don’t know, so they shouldn’t care.” – Ivette Ivens


You can preorder her photo book Breastfeeding Goddesses here.


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