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    #CampingWithDogs Will Give You The Cutest Case Of Wanderlust

    The most inspiring outdoorsy trend on Instagram right now.

    Camping With Dogs is the work of Ryan Carter.

    He tells BuzzFeed: "I own a social media agency in Nashville so naturally I’m always thinking about ways to blend my career with my passions."

    "I have a fiancé and two dogs and we love doing everything together."

    "Our favourite memories are disconnecting from our phones and internet and going camping."

    "That’s the place I was coming from that led me to create Camping With Dogs. I wanted to create an online community for the outdoorsy dog owner."

    "The response has been overwhelmingly positive. To go from 0 to over 100,000 followers in less than a year is incredible. "

    "The Camping With Dogs community is really passionate so I guess it’s no surprise we have been successful."

    "We share very nostalgic pictures that remind people of great times they’ve had in the past. It represents exactly who they are."

    "We now have people from all over the world that submit pictures."

    "Some of the best stories we get are from dog owners that take a picture of their dog laying in the only mud puddle to be found on the trail."

    "You know the dog is happy as can be but the owner is probably thinking, 'And you think you’re getting back in the tent later?'"

    "When we launched early this year, there were only 125 tags of #campingwithdogs on Instagram. Now we have 50,000!"