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    25 WTF Photos That Made The News In 2015

    It's been a strange year.

    1. The dildo flag at London Pride that was mistaken for an ISIS flag.

    Paul Coombs /

    The artist who made the flag, Paul Coombs, calls it "Dildosis".

    2. This baby-crying contest at Sensoji temple in Tokyo.

    Toru Hanai / Reuters

    In this contest two wrestlers each hold a baby while a referee makes faces and loud noises to make them cry. The baby who cries the loudest wins.

    3. When we saw these Rick Owens models wear other models at Paris Fashion week. Just because.

    Francois G. Durand / WireImage

    4. This memorial for a dead raccoon in Toronto, Canada.

    Cole Burston / Toronto Star

    5. When Russian president Vladimir Putin spent another year exploring Russia.

    Ria Novosti / Reuters

    6. This farmer riding his pet pig "Big Precious" in Hebei province, China.

    China Stringer Network / Reuters

    7. These models wearing facekinis and posing on a farm in China.

    Chinafotopress / Getty Images

    8. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un viewing the dawn from the summit of Mt Paektu.

    Kcna / Reuters

    9. Don the dog, who caused delays on the M74 motorway after "taking control of a tractor".

    Danny Lawson / PA WIRE

    10. This weasel riding a woodpecker.

    Martin Le-May

    The weasel was actually trying to kill the woodpecker.

    11. When Devon duck Star received worldwide fame for his drinking exploits but suffered serious injuries after a near-death encounter with a dog.

    The owners of the dog, Meggie, posted on Facebook that Star had "pushed his luck too far".

    12. The Hotel Epinard Nasu in Japan, which offers couples the opportunity to marry accompanied by an alpaca.

    Hotel Epinard Nasu

    13. This photo of Angela Merkel eating a pickled herring after a name-giving ceremony for a fish trawler in eastern Germany.

    Jens Buttner / AFP / Getty Images

    14. The Taiwan hair trend in which groomers give dogs square and circular haircuts.

    15. This man in his underwear with a shovel who was unhappy about Bird Protection League action in Audon, southwestern France.

    Gaizka Iroz / AFP / Getty Images

    16. Our favourite BBC correspondent, Bounce the dog.

    bbc /

    Bounce appeared on the BBC News Channel because, according to a new study at Messerli Research Institute’s Clever Dog Lab in Vienna, dogs can tell the difference between happy and sad faces.

    17. The "swimming sock" TOWIE star Bobby Noris wore in Tenerife.

    Beretta / Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock

    18. This man who put his laptop on a music stand while holding a baby on the London Overground. Nobody knows why.

    Rachel Pavitt / Facebook

    19. Bob, a golden retriever from São Paulo, Brazil, who has eight pet birds and a hamster.

    @bob_marley_goldenretriever / Instagram
    @bob_marley_goldenretriever / Instagram
    @bob_marley_goldenretriever / Instagram

    20. Eyexam, an Instagram account where people share pictures of people putting foreign objects in their eyes.

    @eyexam / Instagram
    @eyexam / Instagram
    @eyexam / Instagram

    21. Cat Island Japan, aka the island of Aoshima, southern Japan, where an army of cats outnumber humans six to one.

    Thomas Peter / Reuters

    22. When Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella.

    Christopher Polk / Getty
    Christopher Polk / Getty

    23. When a man met his doppelganger on a plane and could not believe it.

    Deadline News
    Deadline News

    Neil Thomas Douglas, a photographer travelling to Galway from Glasgow to shoot a wedding, found a man who looked exactly like him sitting in his seat when he boarded his Ryanair flight. That night, Neil went to the pub – where he bumped into his doppelganger once again.

    24. This man at a mermaid clothing competition at Sea World in China.

    Chinafotopress / Getty Images

    The competition "attracts men to show their nice bodies", a spokesperson said.

    25. And Barry the dog riding his tricycle in Cumbria.

    Paul Witterick / REX / Shutterstock

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