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25 WTF Photos That Made The News In 2015

It's been a strange year.

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2. This baby-crying contest at Sensoji temple in Tokyo.

Toru Hanai / Reuters

In this contest two wrestlers each hold a baby while a referee makes faces and loud noises to make them cry. The baby who cries the loudest wins.


16. Our favourite BBC correspondent, Bounce the dog.

bbc /

Bounce appeared on the BBC News Channel because, according to a new study at Messerli Research Institute’s Clever Dog Lab in Vienna, dogs can tell the difference between happy and sad faces.


23. When a man met his doppelganger on a plane and could not believe it.

Neil Thomas Douglas, a photographer travelling to Galway from Glasgow to shoot a wedding, found a man who looked exactly like him sitting in his seat when he boarded his Ryanair flight. That night, Neil went to the pub – where he bumped into his doppelganger once again.

24. This man at a mermaid clothing competition at Sea World in China.

Chinafotopress / Getty Images

The competition "attracts men to show their nice bodies", a spokesperson said.



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