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    • lynzeebeeisme

      In what world is anything “easy” for anyone?? I’m like this girl: I come from a white family, I’m straight, and middle class. I’m technically considered “privileged”. However, my parents live pay check to pay check. My parents bought my car new, sure, a ford. But it’s the same car I’ve had since 2007 and the same car my parents told me they could no longer pay for and I had to bump up hours at my job working 50+ a week at night until 11:00, while in school (being paid for by student loans I applied for myself and make payments on), living in a decently nice apartment that I pay for myself but wasn’t ~technically~ approved for because I’m young. My parents live in a nice house. The same house they took out bank loans for 26 years ago to build. The same mortgage payment they’re making to this day. Of course that seems “privileged” and don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful because I know I do understand what you want to say, but that doesn’t mean it was easy for my family. That doesn’t mean we’re privileged and have had it handed to us. Especially since I’m from a rural community where my mother was the first of her family to go to college. Only the 3rd to finish high school. The only one to not work in a factory. My dad being the only one to not work on a farm. They worked their asses off to live pay check to pay check. I work my ass off to live pay check to pay check. Nothing. Is. Easy. But I’m just a privileged white bitch. Sure. Makes sense.

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