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Top 10 Places To Study On Campus That's Not Your Dorm Room

We all know that studying is more effective when you're not surrounded by distractions in your room. To help you find other locations to pass your exam or write your paper, we created a list of the best places to study on campus. Let's have a look!

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1. McKinstry Library's Top Floor

Obviously, the library is the number one spot to study. However, this spot is a guaranteed location to study without any excess noises. If you're looking for a place to study with zero loud distractions, the top floor of McKinstry Library is the place for you with it's maximum silent zone.

2. The Academic Success Center



Let me go ahead and break that down. The philosophy of the Academic Success Center is that all enrolled students who seek services will receive individual, fair, and beneficial assistance. Students who request services will not be judged as to their academic qualifications and/or academic achievement. The goal is to provide supplemental instruction in all content areas as well as in learning strategies to all students attending Lincoln College. A secondary goal is to be viewed as an entry point for all students attending Lincoln College and not as a last resort for students.

7. The Dooley Hall Computer Labs

Dooley Hall will always have at least one computer lab open even when McKinstry Library is closed. Therefore, students will always be guaranteed to have a place to study.

8. Johnston Center's Secret Computer Lab

While dancers are practicing their dance routines (hey, that counts as studying, right?) in the dance studio, little do people know that there's a secret computer lab tucked away. Many students don't know about this spot; making it a prime place to study!

9. The Courtyard

Like the Quad, the Courtyard is a wonderful, Vitamin D filled, spot to study. This location also has an outdoor basketball court and a sand volleyball court. So there's always going to be a good opportunity to take a study break. We recommend not utilizing this spot during the winter and/or a chance of rain.

10. Creekside Environmental Center

It's a hike to get to, but boy is it worth it. If you have a car on campus, we recommend venturing about five miles north to Lincoln College's Creekside Environmental Center. It just might be the most beautiful spot to study for your Conservation Biology exam.

If you have a favorite spot to study on campus that's not on this list, let us know! Just because your spot isn't on the list doesn't mean it's a bad spot. Be sure to follow us on other social media sites to get full Lincoln College Lynx access!

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