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Why "I Want To Change The World" Is Not My Goal

A goal with the tone of slam poetry.

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I don't know about you, but I don't know much past the sky is blue.

From New York to South Carolina to Illinois

From a High School diploma to a Bachelor's degree to working on my MEd

In person and online I hear so many who say

"I want to change the world"

Every time I pause and wonder

How do you know that what the world needs is change?

See, "I want to SUPPORT the world"

Support comes in many forms

At first one must listen for that is how you discover the situation

The world does not simply need a Mr. Fix-it

Someone to come in and alter everything that is known

The world needs individuals who back away from the assembly line

People who fathom life on a case by case basis

Who accept the limitations of success

And recognize that there is no one expert.

I am an American who wants to SUPPORT the world

I want each tribe, each clan, and each nation to thrive

But what is it to thrive?

Is it to be immersed in riches?

Or to be blessed with years of life?

Is it to surpass others?

Or to stand on top of the bottom line?

I acknowledge my lack of knowledge

I accept the limits of my grasp

And I shout from the rooftops that

To say "I want to change the world"

Is to say "My ignorance consumes me"

Because to say "I want to change the world"

Is to imply the condescending notion that change is actually required.

And to read the subtext that states "I know all and because of that there is nothing in this world that can thrive without my change"

I now motion to stop the egocentric idealism that what the world needs is your change.

Or my change.

Because the only thing I want to change is my goal

Here is to my new goal!

"I want to SUPPORT the world"

To give of myself to the people who need

Need a voice.

Need a prayer.

Need funding.

Need manpower.

Because what I want for myself is to lose the ignorance that what I know is enough to change the world.

So, now I ask you:

Are you ready to give your SUPPORT?

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