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7 Most Influential Entrepreneurs On Instagram

In the digital realm, you will find no shortage of supply when it comes to people claiming to be "Social Media Strategists". However, upon further investigation; most just have social media accounts littered with selfies, pictures of cats, and their favorite desserts. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these things if you are just an everyday lurker enjoying social media sites, claiming to be an expert in such field is an entirely different matter. If you really want to know who the real big guys in this tech-industry are, below is the list of the seven most inspiring business owners on Instagram:

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1st - Dan Fleyshman:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @danfleyshman

Dan Fleyshman (@danfleyshman) is a very popular guy in social media sites for a good reason. He is considered to be the youngest founder of a publicly traded company. When he was only 23 years old, he had already accrued a lot of accomplishments under his belt such as selling 15 million dollars worth of clothing, launching "Who's Your Daddy" energy drink, and launching Victory Poker.

2nd - Michel Issa:

YouTube / Via

Michel Issa (@michel_issa) has a unique story. You may have heard about "rags to riches," but Michel Issa has a "monk to entrepreneur" story. Michel Issa founded seven companies as well as other startups all over Europe and the United States. Michel Issa's story started as being rejected constantly when applying for a job. He started his own endeavor, pivoted, and the rest is history.

3rd - Ibrahim Ibrahim:


IbrahimĀ² (@ibrahimgi) is an advertising consultant and a digital marketer. The Jordanian youngster is the prodigy behind large portions of luxury-niched accounts on Instagram; enveloping a gigantic support base of more than 30 million individuals. He offers a blend of business and motivation, while additionally giving his audience a peak into the life of an entrepreneur. Upon launching his media agency: iBoostReach, Ibrahim now constantly dreams of a world where his work and inventions would be in every household.

4th - Jason Stone:

Influencive / Via

Jason Stone (@jason__stone) started as an engineer and now he is a millionaire with a huge Instagram following. While being a celebrity can greatly help in terms of building your followers, Jason Stone is not one of them. He built his empire from the ground up for two years. These days, Jason Stone is fond of mentoring other people to achieve their social media success.

5th - James Shamsi:

Business Insider / Via

These couple of years, James Shamsi's name has been popping all over the place. Remember the time when a Chrome extension that banned all Kardashian-related content went viral? It was James Shamsi (@jamesshamsi) who was behind it all. How about the time when Instagram was put on the hot seat because of the "double-standard" policy when it came to images revolving around female nipples? Yes, it was James Shamsi's doing. Another antic of James Shamsi is putting his resume on Tinder, which was downright crazy. If there is one thing that's sure about James Shamsi, it's his ability to capture the Zeitgeist of the Internet.

6th - Tai Lopez:

Business Model Stories / Via

For years, media companies have been trying to boil down the formula of "viral." Tai Lopez (@tailopez) claims to have nailed it into a science. With a 20 million dollar business, a booming consultant career, and being an investor, who are we to question his claim? After all, he attributes much of his success to social media platforms.

7th - Eric Damier:

Instabrown / Via

Eric Damier's (@ericdamier) success in social media seems to center around the advice of "do one thing, and do it better than everyone else." He started with a Twitter account that posted obscure historical pictures. It garnered 1.14 million followers. Nowadays, Eric Damier is running his company known as AllDay Media.

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