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5 Platforms That Monetize Every Single Moment Of Your Life

Receiving compensation for every minute you spend engaging in a leisure activity – whether it be playing a video game, scrolling through daily news or even vacationing – sounds too good to be true. But lo and behold, several new platforms are working to provide every minute you spend surfing the web or surfing the Hawaiian waves with measurable value. The result: productive leisure, where a video-sharing site, social media page will reward you for using their platform.

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Launched Oct. 31, the open blockchain-based platform MyTime operates by converting time spent using a service to cryptocurrency tokens. Users will then be able to spend the tokens on additional service time or on services provided by other companies cooperating with the MyTime platform. Alternatively, users will also be able to convert the tokens to fiat currency. Never again will you feel that empty unfulfillment coupled with self-resentment that comes after aimlessly scrolling through social media posts for hours.


Whether you’re craving hummus straight from the Holy Land, or a fine French wine made out of grapes Loire Valley- grown grapes, the process of acquiring goods from across the world is both time costly and expensive. Grabr is a peer-to-peer community marketplace that connects shoppers and travellers from all points of the globe. The platform allows shoppers to find their item of choice from any online store and choose the city they want the good to be delivered to. The system then connects the shopper with a traveller willing to spare some extra luggage space for additional earnings. If you’re the traveller, you’ll be reimbursed with an additional payment upon the good’s delivery, and you’ll surely be slightly less mortified when assessing your post-travel expenses.


With the emergence of Internet advertisements the web-surfing experience has become significantly more hostile. You’ve surely flinched with anger at an advertisement interrupting your lengthy Youtube video, or grimaced with discomfort at the realization that advertising companies using Facebook know just a little too much about you. Running on a Blink engine, BraveBrowser is a free and open-source web browser that blocks website trackers and removes intrusive Internet advertisements by keeping your data sharing with companies to a minimum. Brave is also currently testing its Brave Payments system that rewards publishers to compensate for blocked advertisement. Users can optionally set a budget they are willing to donate to the websites they visit. Brave calculates the percentage assigned to each website through an algorithm and the publisher receives a transfer in bitcoins.


Everybody loves punch cards. Getting that free twentieth sandwich is one of the most rewarding feelings. The phone application punchcard now lets users keep a virtual punch card with every purchase they make in a participating store. The user only needs to take photos of products from participating stores to collect a stamp. Once the user has collected enough stamps, they can redeem rewards at the participating stores.


Time is money, including time spent watching television. With the phone application Viggle, users accumulate points by syncing their phone with a TV show and checking in. Rewarded points can then be exchanged for various gift cards, or, with more accumulated points bigger MacBook Airs and Kindle Fires. Viggle also features a fun interactive trivia game that’s played while watching the shows. The better the trivia results, the more additional accumulated points. So next time you’re watching The Bachelorette, make sure you memorize all the suave tricks the men pull on their dates.

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