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You Know You're A Redhead When...

Not sure of your redhead cred? Buzzfeed's here to help.

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1) People ask you if you're Irish.

2) If you had a penny for every time you've been called soulless...

We appreciate the creativity, but come on.

3) ...Or a vampire

You'd have ALL the pennies.

4) If someone says, "Can I ask you a personal question?", you know the next sentence is going to be about whether your hair is natural.

5) You + Sun = Fight to the death.

6) You thought Ariel was your ginger homegirl, but now there's Merida... and Anna...

And even Anastasia... oh, so many choices!

7) You thought Ron Weasley was your ginger homeboy, but... no, he's still your ginger homeboy.

Honorable mentions include: All other Weasley children.

8) Cutting, dyeing, or losing your hair is more traumatic than for most people.

9) The idea of four redheads leading a comedy series makes you squee!


Did everything in this list apply to you?

Then stand tall, fellow gingers! Because at the end of the day, being a redhead is all kinds of colorful.

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