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27 Signs You Studied Abroad In Seoul

It's so much more than just kimchi.

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1. You miss the free sides that come with every meal.


Banchan, or side dishes, accompany every meal. Every. Single. Meal. And they're totally free! You can't even imagine a meal without kimchi, bean sprouts, and odeng.

10. What happened to all the street markets that sell $1 socks?


Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Gwangjang... the list goes on and on. These markets are a shopper's paradise, stocked to the brim with anything you could hope to find. Some are even 24-hours, just in case the shopping bug bites late at night.

11. You shake your head at the fashion choices on your home campus.


The kids in Seoul play by a different set of fashion rules. People dress to the NINES even though they're just going to class. Girls wear heels, boys take time to gel their hair. What happened to American students...

12. You freaked everyone out at home with videos of you eating THIS.


Sannakji, or live octopus, is a Korean specialty served with a side of sesame oil and salt. The octopus is fresh out of the tank when it is sliced up, so all the nerve endings are still firing away when you eat it.

18. You've significantly upped your selfie game.


Hollering at you, selfie stick and photo apps. Don't forget to take it from an upward angle to make your face look smaller.

Throw up peace signs for good measure.

19. Whether you liked it or not, you were sucked into K-Pop. And I mean K-Pop beyond "Gangnam Style" K-Pop.


Maybe you're into old school groups like EpiK High, or maybe you're into the biggest groups like Big Bang and SNSD. How about hip-hop artists like Beenzino and Dynamic Duo.

Or, maybe, you've fallen so deeply into the K-Pop rabbit hole that you've even found the indie artists like 10CM and Hyukoh.

20. If you went to a bigger, well-known Korean university, you probably experienced a huge-ass spring concert.


Big name K-Pop artists put on a free show, and people get festively drunk. Together. Like a family. <3

21. You've people watched and tried to differentiate between the ones who've had plastic surgery and people who haven't.


Unknown to many Westerners, Korea is the world capital of plastic surgery per capita. A LOT of people have had work done... can you tell?

25. If you've ever gotten frisky while in Korea, chances are you visited one of these.


Because most young Korean couples still live with their parents, Korea has a thriving Love Hotel industry, which provides couples with a place to frick frack. Rooms rent by the hour or by the night and come with a fully stocked mini-fridge, shower supplies, and a menu of sex toys.

...Hopefully tourists don't mistake them for actual hotels.

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