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24 Things Every Unpaid Intern Goes Through

Because who doesn't love working and not getting paid?

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18) I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

Was this position even vaguely related to what you want to do with the rest of your life? Or is it just helping you understand what you really don't want to do?

22) This is a really valuable learning the art of survival.

You can make a lot of different foods in a coffee maker. If you just make everything in the coffee pot, you cut down on having to buy plates and bowls and other adult things.

23) I'm at this point in my life where I'm just grateful I could get anything at all.

The saddest yet truest statement ever. If interns are good at anything, it's having no illusions about employment prospects.

At least Bill Murray is telling people not to shoot us. That counts for something...right?

It's tough, but just like the millions of interns before you, you'll be okay. Best of luck!

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