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Transformice - Objective: Get to the Cheese, Live.

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." "Transformice" is a multiplayer flash game, where you control a mouse whose goal is to try and return with the cheese faster than all of the other Mice. Have fun!

lynne benoux 9 years ago

20 Chicks, 1 Cup: Spring 2010 Edition.

Clocks spring forward 1 hour this Sunday, the 14th, at 2AM (US). Spring starts on the 20th. And Easter Sunday is on April 4th. Just in case some of you are still in your Winter caves..

lynne benoux 10 years ago

10 "Subtle" Ways To Tell Her She's Getting Fat

Thank you Ask Men for your helpful advice! Humiliate your pudgy ball-and-chain with tips such as "buying her too-small clothes" and "leaving "now" and "then" photos lying around." Very nice, guys.

lynne benoux 10 years ago

Obamas to Plant Garden On White House Lawn.

"For more than a decade, food activists have rallied, cajoled, even pleaded for a garden on the White House lawn. Now they're finally going to get it." Call me cynical and paranoid, but I see the First Family sitting down to a nice salad while the starving masses bang their soup bowls against the gate.

lynne benoux 11 years ago