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Lynne's Favorite Things of 2009!

Because I have an opinion, guy.

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  • 1. The Snuggie.

    Don't knock it until you get one and fucking love it.

  • 2. Rihanna's Sext Leak.

    Much hotter then the post-beating image.

  • 3. 3-FUCKING-D Movies are Back.

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.. did you see it? No..? You suck.

  • 4. Zombieland.

    Zombies + Humor = I pay $10 for a damn movie ticket.

  • 5. JIM + PAM 4 LIFE

    Who else cried? I waited years for this.

  • 6. No Hurricanes on Florida.

    Guess who didn't have to light the emergency candles this year.

  • 7. Slow Loris

    This should be on every list.

  • 8. Facebook > Myspace

    Facebook became more powerful then Myspace. Take that emokids.

  • 9. Marijuana Legalized in Colorado.

    Guess who's taking a vacation soon?