I Would Have Picked Duckie

Blaine, Shmaine.

1. No matter how great my love for “Pretty in Pink” is, I still can’t get over the fact that Andie chose Blaine and not Duckie.


Look how she’s leaning in toward him. Blaine could easily be cropped out and the new picture could be used on the invitations to Andie and Duckie’s fabulous 80s wedding.

2. Sure, Blaine was gorgeous, but he was a total bore.


After multiple viewings, no evidence of a personality found.

3. He took Andie on the world’s worst date.


Where he insulted her clothes and friends, then dragged her to a party with all of his rich snob friends. Blaine’s having a good time; Andie’s fighting the urge to punch him in his beautiful face.

4. Blaine asked Andie to prom to make up for the disaster date, but flaked out on her.


WHAT ABOUT PROM, BLAINE? The real crime was that wig, though.

5. Even though he and Andie were on the outs, Duckie stepped up to escort her to prom.


6. Despite that, and all of Blaine’s faults, Andie still chose him over Duckie.


I know, I can’t believe it either.

7. Wrong move. Duckie is superior in the following ways:

8. Personality. He actually has one.


He’s talking to you, Blaine.

9. Style. I mean, look at him.


Hey Blaine, does your mom make your clothes for you?

10. Musical Appreciation.

Video available at:  .
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How Andie was able to resist him is beyond me.

11. Charm. He knew how to give a compliment.


14. All I’m saying is: I would have picked Duckie.


Yes, you.

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