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    • Lynn234

      When my fiancee and I found out we were expecting, we were literally over the moon. After years of trying, it finally worked! Dream come true… Two DAYS later, he was driving home from work late one evening and got hit by a drunk driver and was instantly killed.
      How I got through 9 months of sobbing, anxiety attacks, grief and guilt. I don’t know how baby and I made it. But we did. I lost my best friend and met my new one (my daughter) all in the same year. She came out perfect.  The first year I can only describe it like this: “Imagine you are drowning, and someone hands you a baby.” Comedian Jim Gaffigan said in one of his skits. But it goes fast.
      Listen to clean comedy, and nothing else because laughter heals all wounds inside. Babies are too serious. That’s how I did it.  3 years have gone by and I can say it gets easier. You get used to it. I think it’s like you “graduated” from each phase. Show them who Michael Jackson was, watch a video about the Great Barrier reef. They have never seen or heard that before so make them smart and cool. The first two years shape their personality for life. To all the single parents out there, You are not alone. I give you a HUGE super hero high five. Because you get up everyday for that kid. You do it everyday. By YOURSELF. You are no longer that person you were before, you are a parent now. That’s your job, your new lifestyle and take it as a gift. You are not alone!

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