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Ten Comments Comparative Literature Majors Hear From People

Comparative Literature departments are small among college campuses. So it is pretty understandable why not a lot of people know about this academic field. But still, the remarks that people come up with...

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1. "Comparative Literature? That's a major in our college?"

2. "What's Comparative Literature?"

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3. "'Comp Lit.' Does that stand for Computer Literature?"

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4. "Comparative? What do you compare?"

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5. "Is Comparative Literature a fancy way of saying you're an English major?"

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There are differences between Comparative Literature and English majors.

6. "For fun, all you do is read."

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7. "There are books in other languages? I thought everything was in English."

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8. "Since you can read in ______ language, can you translate this (book, TV show, etc.) for me?"

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9. "Could you edit my paper?"

10. "What do you plan to do with a comparative literature degree?"

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