• 1. The Fashion Police Cruiser

    According to a representative for Mercedes, some cars sharing the road with the Fashion Force have been afraid they are being pulled over, while on one jaunt, the black-and-white Mercedes (with flashing lights on top) was stopped by a genuine police car. The reason? The officers wanted to take a photo.

  • 2. One of the Fashionable

    Some of those hot, chic, more fashionable people were invited to a small cocktail party at the tents to celebrate their hot, chic and fashionable status.

  • 3. Fashionable in the Minority

    “There’s something you learn from driving around in a mock Mercedes cop car with stylist Brad Goreski, formerly of “The Rachel Zoe Project”: It’s actually really challenging to find stylish people on the streets of Manhattan.”

  • 4. Vanessa Hudgens

    Apparently she was also at the event. Never really thought of her as fashionable.

  • 5. More pictures of the fashionable at The Wall Street Journal