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If You Could Ditch Awkward Situations By Raising Your Hand, Would You?

Acquaintance: *goes in to shake hand* Me: *goes in for hug*

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Y'all, sometimes life can get pretty 👏 damn 👏 awkward.

I FaceTimed my mom, she picked up & all I saw was her naked body. I screamed & she yelled "YOU CAN SEE ME??" & now I'll never FaceTime again

And in those moments, all you want is to disintegrate into dust, seep into the dirt, and let the world spin while people walk over you unnoticed.

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But what if you didn't have to disappear? What if you could escape those awkward situations by just raising your hand?

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Think of all the hella-awkward situations you could dip out on.

Public embarrassments:

just pretended to ask Siri something but I was really trying to subtly lick chicken off my phone

Misguided costume contests:

every gay man at this bar is a sexy naked cat and I am arthur and this feels like the time I was aaron carter on biography day in 2nd grade

Crappy work days:

For seven minutes I struggled trying to figure out how to load paper in a printer and have never felt like more of a millennial.

You could chunk up the deuce to those unwelcome dudes.

Courtesy of Lyft

And instead of blowing your cover by taking out your phone...

iStock could raise your hand wearing the Lyft Mono glove, and it could immediately signal the nearest driver.

Courtesy of Lyft

When the driver is there, the glove could glow, allowing you to make a quick dash for the door and run away from the situation like everything else in your life.


Raise your hand. Get a ride. Escape eternal damnation on awkward island.

Courtesy of Lyft

So. What do you think?

  1. Would you use Lyft Mono to get out of awkward situations?

    Would you use Lyft Mono to get out of awkward situations?<br>
    Courtesy of Lyft
    I couldn't think of anything more perfect.&nbsp;<br>
    Via Courtesy of Lyft
    Via Courtesy of Lyft
    Lol, I can literally just run like I always do.&nbsp;<br>
    Via Courtesy of Lyft
    Via Courtesy of Lyft
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Would you use Lyft Mono to get out of awkward situations?
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See the Lyft Mono glove in laser-blasting action!

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Disclaimer: Lyft Mono is part of an April Fools' campaign and not available for purchase. Yet.

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