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I Ate From The Cookbook "Run Fast Eat Slow" And Here's What Happened

I am a post collegiate runner turned road racer after my first Boston qualifying marathon in May. Lately, I've been running 30-40 miles per weeks and I'm eager to optimize my nutrition for longevity and fitness. I love to cook and run so after hearing about the new cookbook from Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan and runner-chef Elyse Kopecky, titled Run Fast. Eat Slow, I knew I had to have it. The flavorful recipes are good for the body and soul. So, here's a list of what I've made with a rating out of 10, how many times I've made it, and if I'll make it again. The book is divided into categories: thirst quenchers, morning fuel, snacks and appetizers, salads, soups, nourishing mains, sides, sauces and dressings, wholesome treats and a runner's remedies with practical advice. My photos of the food are not heavily staged or edited for a healthy dose of realism.

lydiathelady 2 years ago

9 Foodie Cravings That You Can't Afford In College

If you do end up giving in, just one bite of these indulgences and you'll forget all about your massive student loans...even if for just a moment. Or you'll just feel really guilty. Most likely that.

lydiathelady 3 years ago