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9 Tips To Protect Your Hair In Summer

Altpeter, chlorine in swimming pools or overexposure of the sun. Just like for the skin, summer can be the worst enemy of our hair if we do not take a series of measures. At this time of year, the capillary health suffers due to the dryness that it produces in the capillary stem. This causes the hair to weaken, lose brightness and eventually decrease its volume. The hair and the sebaceous gland constitute a functional unit of great importance in our body and we must ensure that they are in good condition. To avoid its fall, Dr. Agustín España, director of the Department of Dermatology of the Clinic University of Navarra, points out 10 healthy tips that guarantee its strengthening: 1.The care of the hair begins by its hygiene: in summer we sweat more by the scalp and for that reason, the hair is dirty before. We must wash it by doing an active massage of 15 minutes and do it as many times as necessary. It is especially recommended after contact with chlorine and saltpeter. 2. Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type: if you have dandruff, choose an anti-dandruff shampoo. In the case of having normal hair, better opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients. 3. Use a shampoo that contains substances that stimulate capillary circulation (plant extracts, vitamin complexes, etc.): therefore avoid products with a high level of detergent. 4. Frequently performs capillary messages using capillary lotions to help stimulate capillary blood circulation: in the market, there are many hair lotions that include antioxidant substances (such as vitamins A, C, and E), collagen hydrolyzate or oils olive, argan, etc.). All of them have great healing and anti-inflammatory potential. 5.. After bathing in sea water, it is advisable to wash the hair with mild shampoos with warm water and rinse with plenty of water: we must take into account that both the nitrate and the sun alter the hydrolipidic protective film of the hair, so it remains very unprotected. 6. Take precautions before or after sun exposure: cover with a cap and apply a water-resistant capillary sunscreen. At this time of year, the hair loses between 10 and 15% of its water by the heat. 7. Avoid mechanical pulling of the hair, such as the use of rubbers, clips, tweezers: in case it is necessary to pick it up, avoid gums or tweezers with metallic accessories so that the oxide, being in permanent contact with saltpeter and the sun, Do not irritate the scalp. 8. The hair dryer should be used as little as possible: it is best for the hair to dry in the open air. Do not hold wet hair: it is preferable to leave the loose hair combed back, without marking the streak to avoid burning the scalp. 9. Carry a diet rich and balanced in vitamins: following a diet low in zinc and iron or having suffered episodes of stress favors the fall of this. To avoid this, the consumption of meat and fish, rich in zinc, as well as the consumption of fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables because of their high content of vitamin A and green beans because of their vitamin B) increases.

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