Reasons Why Pizza Is Having The Best Year Ever

This really needs no intro because pizza speaks for itself.

1. Pizza Couture

so hot right now…lolgetit…cuz pizza is hot. Whatever you know what I was going for.

2. 2014: The Year of The Heart Pizza

I actually saw at least ten girls post a picture of their perfect pizza heart that their boyfriends got them #JELLY

3. Pizza + workout clothes = NECESSARY

4. Because Tumblr

There’s actually a tumblr dedicated to “Famous People Eating Pizza”

5. Because celebrities aren’t hiding their love anymore

Oprah in sheer bliss

Patrick Stewart eats his supposed first slice ever…SURE

7. Queen JLaw is pizza’s unofficial spokeswoman

…the pictures are endless

11. Because pizza has been hashtagged over 6 million times

12. And finally, because Ellen bought 99 pizzas for the entire Oscars audience last night

and that pizza guy probably made BANK #winning

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