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    16 Dishes From Around The World You Can Try Right Now In Adelaide

    Adelaide has your taste buds covered.

    1. These deliciously authentic tacos from Taco Quetzalcoatl in Salisbury.

    2. These fluffy Korean dumplings from Mandoo in the CBD.

    3. This spongy bread delight known as injera from the African Village Centre Restaurant in Torrensville.

    4. This famous Friday-only Sarawak laksa from Asian Gourmet at the Adelaide Central Market in the CBD.

    5. This delicious traditional spread from Namaste Nepalese Restaurant in Parkside.

    6. This big bowl of Vietnamese pho at Phonatic in the CBD.

    7. This classic, no-frills yiros from Cheeky Greek in Grange or Henley Beach.

    8. This hearty, local Argentinian-style steak at Gaucho’s in the CBD.

    9. This good old fashioned spaghetti at Lucias Pizza & Spaghetti Bar at the Adelaide Central Market in the CBD.

    10. These absolutely perfect beachside fries at Hermanos Cubanos in Henley Beach.

    11. This mouth-watering fried eggplant and bean curd at Ying Chow in the CBD.

    12. This plate of South Australian seafood served in a classic Greek style at Eros Kafe in the CBD.

    13. This line-up of sushi from Todai Sushi King in the CBD.

    14. These Moroccan delights from Marrakech in North Adelaide.

    15. This delicious Italian breakfast spread at Nano Cafe in the CBD.

    16. Lastly, this humongous feast from Parwana Afghan Kitchen in Torrensville.

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