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5 Times Kids Showed Us How Easy It Is To Be Inclusive

Grown ups sometimes forget how simple it is to make new friends. All you really need is an open mind!

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1. These first graders didn’t want their classmate to feel left out


Six year old Zejd and his classmates in Sarajevo all learned sign language together so they could communicate without barriers. His teacher says it really boosted his self esteem to have access to sign language and the other students loved it so much that they were teaching their other friends and parents at home!

2. These kids even gave up recess to welcome a deaf classmate


Hoping to better communicate their newest classmate, who is deaf, a group of fifth graders in Peoria, IL happily opted out of recess to create their very own ASL Club!

3. This kid just wanted to be able to communicate with his buddy


Noticing that his deaf classmate was very shy and didn't seem to want to come to class, this year six student took the initiative to learn Auslan (Australian Sign Language) so they could become true friends!

5. And this little girl just felt like learning ASL (because why not?) so she taught herself using YouTube videos

This five year old New Zealander just went ahead and taught herself American Sign Language for fun using YouTube. She learned ASL because she was unable to find many tutorials for New Zealand Sign Language that she liked.

GOOD NEWS: It's never too late to get started!

In addition to breaking down communication barriers and bringing people together, learning ASL can expand a hearing person's perspective and can help sharpen a number of mental skills. With so many great online resources available, many for free, there are plenty of ways to get started at any time!

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