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    15 Ways To Improve Your Deaf Awareness

    In honor of Deaf Awareness Week (September 21-28), here are some hot tips for being a more Deaf Aware human.

    1. Know the difference between deaf and Deaf

    2. Ditch the offensive old terminology

    3. Stop assuming all deaf people want to hear

    4. Start thinking of deafness in positive terms

    5. Appreciate the "Deaf Can!" attitude

    6. Understand how American Sign Language works

    7. Recognize the value of ASL to Deaf Culture

    8. Dig a little deeper

    9. Expand your network

    10. Acknowledge Audism

    11. Know how to accommodate

    12. Start a discussion

    13. Learn some ASL

    14. Respect deaf people as individuals

    15. Step outside your comfort zone

    16. Pay attention