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14 Struggles You'll Only Get If You Have Family Abroad

Curse you, time zones!

1. Finding a time to call when you or your family isn't sleeping is impossible.

2. Trying to get your parents to use a new communication app without being there to communicate how to use it.

3. Repeating the same story a billion times when your video chat is passed to every member of your family.

4. Waking up to 50 group chat notifications you'll never be able to catch up on.

5. Messing up your calling card's 500-digit number three times before finally getting connected.

6. Not being able to afford the flights to get to every birthday party you're missing.

7. But shipping costs are just as expensive somehow.

8. Calling on the holidays and having way too many people speaking at once.

9. When you do visit, being constantly hounded about moving back home.

10. Never having enough room in your suitcase for your actual clothes.

11. Basically having to reintroduce yourself to young nieces and nephews every time you're home.

12. Using all your vacation time visiting family and coming back more exhausted than when you left.

13. Having your face freeze in awful expressions when you video-chat with slow internet.

14. Throwing caution to the wind with international calls only to discover an insane phone bill at the end of the month.

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