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2018 Was Zac Efron's Hottest Year And That's That On That

I don't lie!

Zac Efron is the only man I'd consider going straight for โ€” before realizing that I still don't wanna do that... BUT EITHER WAY, he hot! He hot as heck! And I truly believe, after all the years that I've been closely following the evolution of Zac Efron, I must say...2018 was his hottest year!!!!

First of all, in 2018 he grew a beard.

Scientific studies have proved that beards are hot, therefore Zac with a beard is hot.

And you know what's even hotter? Zac Efron with a beard while hugging a dog.

Also, in 2018, Zac took this pic. It's one of his hotter pics! A sunset? Check! A Parisian landscape? Check! A sultry gaze? CHECK!!!!

Moving on!

I don't remember him going rock climbing pre-2018. Which automatically means this was his hottest year, because he gave us this:

To clarify, THIS:

And also this:

Once again, this:

To further prove my point I give you this evidence to the peoples. This is a photo that did not exist before 2018, but features bulging muscles both in the arm and leg region.

He also went skateboarding shirtless. I know that this is something he has done in the past, however in 2018 it's just hotter. I can't explain why, it just is!

And finally, in what ultimately was the deciding factor in my decision to declare this Zac Efron's hottest year, he rode a horse lookin' like the cowboy of your dreams!

He did all of that!!!!!!!!

In conclusion, 2018 was Zac's hottest year yet!! Bless him for existing!!!

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