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Zac Efron Met His Olympic Twin So All Is Right With The World

"That's hot." —Paris Hilton

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In fact, during this Olympics many people have compared him to Zac Efron.

You cannot deny that Michael Hixon and @ZacEfron are basically long lost brothers 😱😍#Rio2016 #diving

...claiming that he's "the Zac Efron of diving."

(In my opinion, Zac Efron is the Zac Efron of diving, but whatever.)

Instagram: @gianlucavacchi

Either way, people were confused I guess about who was actually doing the diving at the Olympics.

Not sure if that's Zac Efron diving or Michael Hixon...


Because Zac Efron has officially met the Zac Efron of the Olympics.

Though, I would say the resemblance is mostly in the ab region.