Zac Efron Has Grown A Big Bushy Beard And Now I'm Sexually Confused


    Attention Kmart shoppers!!!! I'd like to bring everyone's attention to Zac Efron. Not the fact that he's loading something in his trunk with his rumored new girlfriend Alexandra Daddario. I don't care about that.

    What I care about is his new BIG...



    And I gotta tell you, this big bushy beard is making me all sorts of sexually confused. 'Cause I like girls. Like, I'm gay AF...but now I'm like, wait...

    ...what in the H-E-🏒-🏒is going on here! THIS BEARD IS DOIN' SOMETHING TO ME!!!!!!

    Ok not really, I'm still gay. But DAMN!!!!! LOOK AT THIS BEARD!!!

    Seriously. Check that out.

    I'm not kidding. Wouldjya look at THAT???

    LOOK. AT. IT.

    Lucky dog, amirite!!

    In conclusion: Watch this several times if you want to feel something...anything.

    And praise be to beardfron!