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    31 Of Your Favorite Boy Banders From The 2000s Then Vs. Now

    We're all old now.

    1. Jacob Underwood from O-Town then:

    jacob with locs

    Jacob Underwood now:

    jacob in a fedora

    He's 42 and likes to spear fish.

    2. JC Chasez from NSYNC then:

    close up of JC with spiked hair

    JC Chasez now:

    close up of JC with long hair

    3. Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town then:

    ashley with spiked tips

    Ashley Parker Angel now:

    close up of angel with modern styled hair

    He's 40, has one son and posts a lot of pictures in his underwear.

    4. Christian Burns of BBMak then:

    christian smiling

    Christian Burns now:

    close up of him smiling with longer hair

    5. Joey Zehr from the Click Five then:

    close up of joey in a suit

    Joey Zehr now:

    He's 40 and has a son.

    6. Dougie Poynter from McFly then:

    dougie with long side-swept hair

    Dougie Poynter now:

    dougie with longer hair

    7. Erik-Michael Estrada of O-Town then:

    close up of Erik-Michael

    Erik-Michael Estrada now:

    close up of him smiling in a suit

    8. Omarion from B2K then:

    close up of omarion with braids

    Omarion now:

    close up of omarion smiling with braids

    He's 37 with two kids:

    9. Mark Barry from BBmak then:

    mark holding a mic stand

    10. Mark Barry now:

    close up of mark smiling

    11. Trevor Penick of O-Town then:

    close up of trevor with a short afro

    Trevor Penick now:

    close up of trevor smiling in a suit

    12. Justin Jeffre from 98 Degrees then:

    close up of justin with bleached hair

    Justin Jeffre now:

    justin in a fedora and scarf

    He's 49 and ran for mayor of Cincinatti in 2005, but lost.

    13. Joey Fatone from NSYNC then:

    joey with spiked hair

    Joey Fatone now:

    joey in a fedora

    He's 45 and has two kids.

    14. Lance Bass of NSYNC then:

    close up of lance with spiked hair

    Lance Bass now:

    lance with a beard

    He's 43 and has twin babies:

    15. Kevin Richardson from Backstreet Boys then:

    kevin with spiked hair

    Kevin Richardson now:

    kevin with long hair

    He's 50 and has two sons.

    16. Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys (and cousin of Kevin Richardson, FYI) then:

    close up of brian in a suit

    Brian Littrell now:

    brian at a game

    He's 47 and has a son, Baylee who is a singer.

    17. Tom Fletcher from McFly then:


    Tom Fletcher now:

    close up of tom wearing glasses

    He's 37 and has three kids.

    18. Stephen McNally of BBMak then:

    stephen smiling

    Stephen McNally now:


    19. A.J. McLean from Backstreet Boys now:

    close up of AJ with a face piercing and goatee

    A.J. McLean now:

    AJ in a suit with a short beard and nose piercing

    He's 44 and has two kids.

    20. Howie Dorough from Backstreet Boys now:

    howie smiling

    Howie Dorough now:

    howie smiling with shorter hair

    He's 48 with two kids.

    21. Jesse McCartney from Dream Street then:

    jesse close up

    Jesse McCartney now:

    jesse with longer hair

    He's 35 and married.

    22. Greg Raposo from Dream Street then:


    Greg Raposo now:

    He's 37 and has three kids.

    23. Brad Fischetti from LFO then:

    brad wearing a bandana on his head

    Brad Fischetti now:

    24. Ethan Mentzer from the Click Five then:


    Ethan Mentzer now:

    He's 40, and in a new band called Every Echo.

    25. Raz-B from B2K then:

    close up of Raz-B in a hat

    Raz-B now:

    Raz-B at an event

    He's 37.

    26. Kyle Patrick from the Click Five then:

    Kyle with long hair

    Kyle Patrick now:

    He's 35 and making new music under the name Pacer.

    27. Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees then:

    close up of jeff

    Jeff Timmons now:

    jeff smiling

    He's 49 and has two kids.

    28. Dan Miller from O-Town then:


    Dan Miller now:

    dan close up smiling

    29. Frankie Galasso from Dream Street then:

    frankie smiling with spiked hair

    Frankie Galasso now:

    30. Alex Solowitz (aka Mickey Parke) from MTV's 2Gether then:


    Alex Solowitz now:

    alex with slight stubble

    He's 42 and still acting.

    31. And finally, Evan Farmer (aka Jerry O'Keefe) from 2Gether then:

    evan smiling

    Evan Farmer now:

    Soundcheck. Still a few seats left... tonight Wildhorse #bluedizzy doors open at 6 show starts 7p.

    Twitter: @EvanFarmer

    He's 49 and here he is talking about having tinnitus:

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