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    16 Annoying Things Only People Named Lauren Will Understand

    Laurens unite.

    1. Sometimes people think your name is spelled "Loryn."

    2. Sometimes people think your name is spelled "Laurin."

    3. And other times people think your name is spelled "Loren."

    4. When you introduce yourself people are like, "nice to meet you, Laura"

    5. You don't have the energy to tell them it's Laur-EN, so some people have been calling you Laura for years.

    6. On the computer, people mispell your name and write "Laurne" instead of "Lauren."

    7. Sometimes even you mispell your own name as "Laurne" instead of "Lauren."

    8. You can never introduce yourself to someone without them saying, "that's my sister's name!" Why is everyone's sister named Lauren?!?!?!

    9. No one thinks you "look like" a Lauren.

    10. No one called you "Lo" growing up, but other Lauren's have the nickname "Lo" so you feel left out and lame.

    11. You fell out of touch with your 3rd grade best friend and the other 42 girls in your grade named Lauren. You hope they are doing well though.

    12. People call you Lorne Michaels to be funny, but your name isn't Lorne, so the joke is ?????

    13. Your name is six letters, not five letters, like Kevin or Carly. Five letters seems cuter.

    14. "Lauren" starts with an "L," which is basically the dead center of the alphabet, so if things are going in alphabetical order by first name, you'll always be in the middle...even if they start at the beginning or the end of the alphabet. Annoying.

    15. The whole "yanny vs. laurel" thing, was a little too close for comfort.

    16. Sometimes you wish your name was Gertrude, but it's not.