19 Pictures That Anyone Born Before 1999 Will Literally Be Able To Taste, Smell Or Hear

    It's beyond science.

    1. You can definitely taste the this wooden stick in your mouth.

    2. And smell the inside of this pencil case.

    3. You can definitely hear the these babies rolling around in your hands:

    4. And the scent of this photo is strong:

    5. You know exactly what sound this photo makes:

    6. And you can perfectly taste this Cosmic Brownie right now:

    7. This picture is playing sounds in your head right now:

    8. And the noise of this VHS getting loaded is crystal clear:

    9. You can definitely taste these guys:

    10. These fellas too:

    11. You can hear this pic:

    12. And the sound of the ball being taken off the paddle is in your head right now:

    13. You can smell this one from a mile away:

    14. Pictures aren't supposed to make sounds, but this one does:

    15. And this picture is literally sniffable:

    16. Somehow you can smell these erasers:

    17. And you can hear this pic with no problem:

    18. Your ears can't stop hearing the sound of this binder clicking:

    19. And finally, I can taste this now. Delish.