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Wow, Lauren Conrad Dog-Shamed A Puppy

First she kills books, now she dog shames? What happened to the LC from Laguna Beach I used to know?

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Lauren uploaded this picture of her new puppy, Fitz, next to a sign that reads (IN ALL CAPS) "Thought your shoe was a snack..." You can see there is a slightly chewed sneaker next to the sign, probably the same shoe the note is referring to.

This all could have been prevented if the shoe was not put directly in front of this dog as this picture shows, and instead put away in a shoe closet or something. Also, the dog is a puppy which means he probably can't even read yet, so he's basically just being taunted. Not cool.

To make matters even worse, here is a photo she uploaded of the dog wearing ill-fitting sunglasses, because I guess he doesn't deserve sunglasses that fit him?