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    Would Love To Know What Channing Tatum Was Doing Before He Took His Trash Out

    A special quarantine lewk!

    I don't know what's happening here, but Channing Tatum took out the trash and wore these gold hammer pants while doing so.

    I have no idea what he was doing before taking out the trash. But whatever it was, I assume he was in these pants before the taking out of the trash, and remained in them afterward.

    I mean, there's a chance that these are just his "trash pants." Like, the pants he wears just to take out the trash.

    But I don't believe that to be the case. I believe Channing Tatum loves these pants. These are "those pants" that he talks about all the time, and when people are like, "What are those?!," he's like "Whattt, I love these pants!"

    Either way, Channing Tatum owns these pants and wears them.

    I support whatever it is that he needs to be happy during this time. Long live Channing Tatum's metallic gold hammer pants.

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