Why Tom Hanks Had His Most Awesome Year Yet

Because he did awesome things and in general was just an awesome person and things were awesome everywhere he went.

1. Awesome thing #1:

He debuted a mustache. Welcome to the world, Tom Hank’s mustache. We don’t know why you are here, but we love you.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

2. Awesome thing #2:

He kissed his wife on the kiss cam at an L.A. Kings game. And it wasn’t just a stupid little peck on the cheek. No, it was a beautiful display of affection done in the most awesomest of ways. You can see the video here.

3. Awesome thing #3

He wore this hat.

Franziska Krug / Getty Images

4. Awesome thing # 4

Comedian Chris Hardwick invited Hanks to come on his podcast and sent him a typewriter. Tom Hanks sent this letter back to him.

5. Awesome thing #5

He performed slam poetry about Full House on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Hi, yes, I said slam poetry about Full House.

6. Sorry, TOO MUCH AWESOME? Well, we’re not stopping, here’s Tom Hank’s mustache again.


7. Awesome thing #6

After winning an Emmy he was like, “Hey, I’m going to take this Emmy and tape it on my car because why the heck not.” And so he did, and recorded it.

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9. Awesome thing # 7

Some kid saw Tom Hanks at a restaurant and asked to take a picture with him. But Tom Hanks doesn’t “do” boring pics. So instead he let the kid steal his glasses, pretend to be wasted, and then he played along with the scenario because…wait for it…HE’S AWESOME!!!

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12. Awesome Thing # 8

He said the F word — no, not floogle, the other F word — on Good Morning America. This is awesome because people saying curse words on live TV is always a great time.

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14. Awesome thing #9

His apology for saying the F word — NO, NOT FLOOGLE, the OTHER F word.

15. Awesome thing #10

He did the movie Cloud Atlas and gave us this photo.

16. Awesome thing #11

He made a surprise appearance on SNL the week Bruno Mars hosted. And then all of a sudden that episode became worth watching.

17. Awesome thing #12

His speech at Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral. It was sweet, funny, and perfectly done.

18. Awesome thing #13

HE SHOWED HIS TRUE FACE. Just kidding, it’s just a computer effect doing that to his eyes. This one is awesome because…oh, Tom. You are so silly and amusing and I love you.

19. Awesome thing #14

So maybe HE didn’t do this, but at least now we know he’d make a beautiful woman.

20. So, T.HANKS to you, Tom. For being so awesome all year long.

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