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    The Chicken Enthusiast Is The Greatest "Bachelor" Contestant To Ever Exist

    Even though she didn't get a rose, her legacy will stay with us for the rest of the season. And all of time.

    Last night, The Bachelor introduced us to woman whose occupation might be greater than any other seen on the show. She is the chicken enthusiast. Real name Tiara. But let's just call her the CE.

    The CE doesn't just *kind of* like chickens. She LOVES THEM. She is full-on enthused by them.

    The chickens that enthuse her so sit on her shoulder...

    ...and even join her for some good oral hygiene practice!

    But maybe more so than anything, the one thing that made me — and I'm sure the rest of the world — realize how special the CE is was when we saw her framed photos.

    Which included a promotional photo of Ben — the bachelor she hasn't yet met — and several beloved chickens.

    Long live the chicken enthusiast. Ben may not have chosen you, but you won the rose in my heart.