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Why "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Is The Best Show On TGIF

This is my favorite show to watch every Friday night while I eat ice cream in my footsie pajamas.

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Because Sabrina loves Britney Spears!

New Britney CD out later this week, wooooh!

New Britney CD out later this week, wooooh!

Britney was even on last weeks episode!!

Because Libbie is such a perfect example of mean girls in schools. There will never be a mean girl like Libbie.

Because Salem is so funny!

He's the best cat on TV right now.

And he loves pancakes.

Because this random hot guy was given some screentime!

Because, HARVEY.

What a dreamboat!

Sabrina and Harvey Forever <3

Because Aunt Helda is the cool aunt.

But both of them are really nice for taking Sabrina in.

Because Sabrina and Salem are best friends!

Even though he slaps her sometimes...

Becuase the opening segment is always different, what a surprise!

Because MAGIC!!!

It's so cool, and look at the glitter stream.

Because Melissa Joan Hart is an amazing actress and has great fashion sense:

And this crushed velvet jacket is all the rage right now:

In conclusion: "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" is the best show in TGIF- and all of TV.

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