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Why Pitbull Is Actually Great And We Should All Love Him

Why so much Pitbull hate? Let's all give him a Mr. Worldwide hug.

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This is for everyone who knows that Pitbull is actually a gift to this world.

Getty Images / Bryan Bedder

First of all, he managed to go from just a one-area-code man...

To Mr. Worldwide. He literally took over the world through song.

Try to find him looking anything but classy and suave.

Rumor has it he owns 77,000 suits.

Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez

He's king of the performance tuxedo.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

But when he's not in a tux he still looks dignified.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

And his three-piece suits are enviable.

Getty Images

Plus, he's got the moves.

Noam Galai / Getty Images

Serious moves.

Noam Galai / Getty Images

Look at those moves.


Speaking of "dale," have you ever heard of a performer with such an iconic catchphrase?

DALE! (no, you haven't)

Gary Miller / Getty Images

He's basically a human emoji, which is hot.


And look at him when he was a tiny guy with hair:

He's funny and knows when to chime in:

And he's specific and knows exactly what he likes:

Speaking of "Timber," have you HEARD IT? Because this song is reason enough.

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And there's also this song that has 726 MILLION VIEWS, because it's great and he makes every song better.

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He's a man of the people. Look at all the people who just want to be around him.

And moms love him because he's just a nice guy.

And speaking of Shark Tank, this is Mark Cuban, one of the sharks, loving a Pitbull performance.

And also, back to that nice-guy thing — proof of him being nice:

And remember when people tried to exile him to Alaska? Well, he embraced it.

And then he WENT TO ALASKA (in a suit) and loved every minute of it. #niceguy.

Yeah, he knows he's got swag.


Look at that sunglass placement.

Chris McKay / Getty Images

Look at this blowing-a-kiss technique.

Basically he deserves more love than he gets.


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