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    Why Garrett Clayton Is Not Like Zac Efron

    Because Zac Efron is a perfect individual and no one is like him.

    This is Garrett Clayton.

    He's in the new Disney Musical Teen Beach Movie

    And people have been writing BLASPHEMY like this, claiming he's the "new Zac Efron."

    BUT NO.

    There is only ONE Zac Efron. And his name is Zac Efron.

    Yeah, Garrett's hair is nice...

    But Zac's will always be BETTER and more perfectly coiffed.

    And while Garrett shows up to red carpets like he's going to a baseball game...

    ...Zac always looks dapper and perfect.

    And Garrett TRIES to wear a beanie and be the Beanie wearer...


    Once again, Garrett tries to look all cool and stuff in a leather jacket...

    ...but it's Zac who looks flawless and natural in a leather jacket with his hands tucked into his pockets like little balls of dough.

    Zac is the one that looks adorable in skinny sweatpants...

    ...and amazing in sunglasses.

    No one can dance on cars like Zac.

    Run so inspiringly in a tiny white shirt...

    ...or blow bubbles with as much vigor as Zac.

    And lastly, Garrett attempted to go skateboarding while partly shirtless...

    But no one. NO. ONE. NOT A SINGLE HUMAN SPECIMEN, will ever compare to Zac partly shirtless on a skateboard.

    Or these abs.

    Or his entire upper body region.

    Or him walking with a baseball bat.

    Or levitating a basketball.

    Or be anything like Zac Efron because he's one of a kind.

    Basically he is incomparable.

    Meaning no one can even be compared to him because he is that wonderful.

    Sorry Garrett, I hope you understand.