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    Why Bradley Cooper Should Never Have Been Voted The Best Hair In The World

    According to this, Bradley Cooper has the best hair in the world. Here's evidence otherwise.

    Bradley Cooper was named the guy with the best hair in THE WORLD in a poll that was obviously taken by babies.

    It's scientifically impossible that this hair is "the best." It has WINGS for god's sake.

    Like, his hair could actually propel air beneath it and fly away because it has wings that can do that.

    Also have you seen his middle part? More like a middle NART because it's NOT OK.


    And what is happening on the left side of his head? It's a mystery.

    Did these people ever even SEE these two strands of hair???


    Did they ever witness the NOODLE HAIR?

    Or the man bun?

    OR THE DOUBLE MAN BUN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Case closed. RESULTS INVALID.