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Why Bethenny Frankel Returning To "Real Housewives" Is Actually A Gift From God

Welcome home.

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We all know that The Real Housewives Of New York has seen its share of cast changes.

But there is one OG cast member that is rumored to be returning to the show, and that woman is Bethenny Frankel.

And we should all feel very #blessed to have this happen, because there's no one like Bethenny.

First of all, she's already been starting feuds with the new cast before it even begins.

Bravo /

Watch out, Kristen.

But we can't forget why she was one of the best housewives in the first place.

And what a RHONY legend she really was.

She never beat around the bush.

She was always honest.

Bravo /

And always so ~real~

She said exactly what we were screaming at the TV.

And it was like her expressions read our MIND.

Because oh lordy we all know we feel this way too sometimes.

Bravo /

Probably to whatever Ramona just said.

She speaks the truth.

And isn't afraid to call Christmas her bitch.

Bravo /

That's like, a major holiday.

There is no one like Bethenny when it comes to dinner party fights.

And when she tells you to go to sleep, you BETTER GO TO SLEEP.

Basically the world will be a better place when Bethenny returns to RHONY.

It will be a reunion that will go down in history.

Now we can only pray that Kelly also comes back.


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