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Why "Bet On It" Is The Most Epic Musical Number In Movie History

It was the craziest thing ever.

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"Bet On It" is the most insane and best musical sequence in history.

First of all, it's when Zac realized he had hands for the first time.

And expressed an Oscar-worthy range of emotions such as complete distress:

A temper tantrum:



The dance moves were inspired.

And incorporated ancient karate techniques that no other dance routine could ever measure up to.

Some of the moves were SO iconic, they've transcended the movie.

And can explain basically all of our predicaments.


This face. It's legendary.

Even though Zac obviously suffered a massive headache in the middle of the number...

It didn't stop him from dancing.

And THEN, even though the ball went in the FUCKING WATER

He STILL kept on dancing.


And it was fabulous.

But not just any fabulous; Gone With The Wind fabulous:

Even his reflection in the lake was above par.

Obviously this musical number SPEAKS TO US ALL.

You can bet on it.

Here's the whole video for your viewing pleasure:

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