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    Who's The Saddest Character In "Les Misérables"?

    We know they are all miserable but who's the MOST miserable? Ranked in order from sad to most sad.

    12. Thénardier - sad but still living life

    He's sad because he's not as rich as he wants to be, but hey, he's got the jolliest song in the musical.

    11. Madame Thénardier - also sad, but dealing with it

    More sad than her husband because they have equal problems (now who will get their damn water after Cosette leaves??), and additionally she can't get her hair under control.

    10. Gavroche - sad-ish

    The little kid was really happy and bound to be a pretty cool teenager...that is until he died.

    9. The barricade boys - sad but drunk

    The beer relieves them of their sadness, but...they all still die.

    8. Enjolras - stressed but not depressed

    He's really patriotic and totally believes he can revolutionize France. High hopes, and heck, that's a life worth livin'! Probably sad to die though.

    7. Javert - sad and angry

    Just kind of an asshole, but not a sad asshole. More like a moody guy who needs to learn to let things go or you'll end up dead in a river.

    6. Cosette - lonely and sad

    Sad because her mom is dead, her dad is non-existent and she was basically a child slave. BUT, things turn around for her and she gets to fall in love and is one of the only people who lives, so she's not the saddest.

    5. Jean Valjean - bittersweet sadness

    He's a roller coaster of emotions. Was a prisoner but now is semi-free but can't enjoy life because of his guilt and shame. At least he got to live 'till around 65...wasn't that old for that time?

    4. Marius - quite sad

    All his friends are dead, so that's pretttyyyy sad. However, he managed to get a girl he met for one second to marry him, so that makes him not the saddest.

    3. These prisoners - depressed

    Have to sing in high waters while getting rope burn. Very sad.

    2. Eponine - really sad

    The guy she loves doesn't love her back, and she dies and I don't think her parents even know or care? Is definitely very sad.

    1. Fantine - too sad for words

    Gets fired from her job, has to become a prostitute, shaves her head, can't see her daughter, dies. Pretty darn sad.

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