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Who Wore It Better: 25 Dogs VS. Celebrities

It's the age-old question: who wears clothes better, dogs or celebrities? Your call.

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1. Kimono: Reese Witherspoon VS. This dog

2. Sweatpants: Rihanna VS. This dog

3. Footie pajamas: Ryan Gosling VS. This dog

4. Black Lingerie: Bar Rafaeli VS. This dog

5. Plaid flannel shirt: Zac Efron VS. This dog

6. Hawaiian shirt: George Clooney and Tom Selleck VS. These poodles

7. Wedding dress: Kate Middleton VS. This dog

8. Red bathing suit: Sean Connery VS. This Golden Retreiver

9. Lots of fur: Kanye West VS. This pug

10. Punk outfit: Avril Lavigne Vs. This dog

11. Tuxedo: Aziz Ansari VS. Uggie

12. Scuba gear: Paris Hilton VS. This dog

13. Polka dot bow tie: Brad Goreski VS. This dog

14. Denim Vest: Ashley Tisdale VS. This dog

15. Floral Dress: Zoe Saldana VS. This dog

16. Lime themed outfit: Katy Perry VS. This dog

17. Glasses: Larry King VS. This dog

18. Printed mylar onesie: Jessie J. VS. This dog

19. Habit: Whoopi Goldberg VS. These dogs

20. Bucket hat: Leonardo Dicaprio VS. This pug

21. Body paint: Ke$ha VS. This dog

22. Red hoodie: Donald Glover VS. This dog

23. Floral Robe: Fran Drescher VS. This dog

24. Puffy jacket: Adam Sandler VS. This dog

25. Mustache and glasses: Daniel Craig VS. This dog

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