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Apparently Justin Bieber Has A New-New Girlfriend Named Bronte Blampied


This morning I was minding my own business and scrolling through too many feeds on too many websites, when I started seeing headlines like this:

And I was like *RECORD SCRATCH* WHAT TO HECK IS GOIN ON HERE???? AND WHO IS BRONTE BLAMPIED? So here is me trying to figure it out. Let's rewind, shall we?

In early January, it seemed like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were a thing. Justin shared a picture of them kissing, and they went on vacation together. In general they were giving off couple-y vibes.

On Jan. 11, 2016, they even left a restaurant together! And Justin wore a blanket fort on his head.


But at some point they "broke up." The relationship or whatever it was just kind of faded away into the abyss and we didn't really hear much about it. Basically we had no closure on whatever happened. That's right, I need closure on someone else's breakup. Anyway, since then I haven't had a clue what Justin's been up to.

That is until about two weeks ago, when Justin was seen hanging out a heck of a lot with Sofia Richie. Like, hanging out so much that everyone thought they were definitely in a relationship.

Rocstar / Rocstar/Dunkin D/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

They even went to Japan together!

And Justin deleted his Instagram because people were being mean to Sofia on it and he'd had enough of it. This is one of the 300 photos they took while sitting in a car together.

THIS ALL HAPPENED LITERALLY ONE WEEK AGO. Which brings me back to waking up to this:

And being really fuckin' confused.

Because according to whoever is in charge of manufacturing and distributing celebrity dating rumors, Justin Bieber is now dating a girl named Bronte Blampied, and this is the two of them (plus one airplane captain):

Fameflynetuk / FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

I literally have no idea who Bronte Blampied is, but this is the most recent photo she shared on Instagram:

In conclusion: IDK anything about Justin Bieber's dating life and this post has taught us nothing at all. Except for the fact that I've matured enough to not comment at all on the fact that this new girl's name is Bronte Blampied. Fuck, nvm. Bye!

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