Where Has Jennifer Aniston Been?

People of the 90s, WHERE IS OUR STAR?

1. Once upon a time in a land called the late 90s, this lady was a hair hero and also an icon.

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2. But……..where is Jennifer Aniston now????? Have we just FORGOTTON about her? To find out where she is I have looked to find out where she has been.

3. In August she was spotted at a skin care clinic with a tiny ponytail.

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4. Before that she was having a really gleeful time with her fiance Justin Theroux on a red carpet.

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5. They were ~lovin~ each other.

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6. In July she was seen working out on a beach.

Just saw Jennifer Aniston working out on the beach in front of our condo. Turns out she's staying two houses over from us lol

— katie ✿ (@idkatie_)

7. In July she also decided to “raise the baby alone”

What baby?

8. In May she was seen wearing this fur coat.

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9. Another day in May she was seen with this bob, entering a car.

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10. And in April she was spotted in this hat.

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11. Almost a year ago an understandable mistake regarding her wherabouts occured.

Thought I saw Jennifer Aniston earlier but it was just a leather jacket draped over a coat rack.

— Nick Youssef (@NickYoussef)

12. In conclusion: although she’s ~here~ is she really HERE? Where is she? Where is Jennifer?

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Current mood: Wondering about Jennifer Aniston. Worried about you Jen.

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