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Where The Guys From "Mean Girls" Are Now

It's been nine years since Mean Girls. The ladies of Mean Girls are everywhere (see: Lindsay Lohan) but where are the guys?

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Real name Jonathan Bennett. He is 31-years-old now and has since cut off his beautiful locks of hair and done several films, including playing a young Van Wilder in Van Wilder: Freshman Year and a Lifetime movie called Holiday High School Reunion. He's friends with Lance Bass.


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He also wrote and starred in Shit Italian Moms Say:



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Real name Tim Meadows. Appeared in Mean Girls 2 for unknown reasons. Also has appeared in countless other television shows and movies. Is Tim Meadows.


Via Facebook: Rajiv-Surendra

Real name Rajiv Surendra. He hasn't done a movie since Mean Girls but he does have a Facebook page where he posts stuff every so often. One of his most recent posts, from December 2012, was this photo along with a lengthy description about "Gansey sweaters" that you can find here.


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