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What's The Creepiest Story About Your Hometown?

Scare us.

Come one, come all. Gather 'round the bonfire that we've set up in the middle of the woods and tell us about a weird/strange/straight-up creepy tale about your hometown.

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Maybe legend has it that there's a dude named one-eyed Greg who only has one eye (duh) and roams the street late at night looking for his lost eye.

Or maybe there's a tall tale about a girl named Nancy, who tragically died when she was 14 and now haunts the local movie theater waiting for her mom to come pick her up.

Or maybe there's just some other creepy shit going on and it's a story that gets told to everyone in your town or high school or camp and now you want to share it with us.

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SO PLEASE DO. Comment with your story below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. HAPPY OCTOBER.