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    Whatever The Jonas Brothers And Jonas Sisters Are Doing In Miami, I'd Like To Be A Part Of It

    The JFAM rules.

    These are the Jonas brothers...

    ...and these are the Jonas Sisters, aka #JSISTERS, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra. They are kinda like basketball wives, but famous and successful on their own. Sophie posted this from vacay:

    Anyway, the JoBros and the #JSISTERS are doing things in Miami that I would very much like to participate in! Mostly because a lot of these things are taking place on a yacht and I dream of yachting one day.

    But also cause there's a lot of dancing on boats. And it looks fun.

    The dancing includes semi-choreographed routines in really good evening lighting, another thing I love.

    And Bollywood music is also on the playlist. Love it.

    There are water activities being partaken in by the JSISTERS.

    And other tubing situations happened as well.

    This looks adventurous and scary. I wanna do it.

    Most of all I'm intrigued by all the comically large and outdated suits being worn by the JoBros while filming their new music video.

    This is something I can get behind!!

    Sign me up for Miami, ya diG?